Caity Lotz Talks DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ And White Canary

Legends of Tomorrow pretty much won the hearts of every nerd with its debut trailer. But there are still a few questions unanswered, so TVLine quizzed Caity Lotz to get a few tidbits.

The most interesting bit is that apparently the massive fight we saw in the trailer was among the first bits shot, and that White Canary isn’t going to get any magic powers from the Lazarus Pit. She’s still just a woman with two sticks and a jumpsuit, albeit a white one with slightly more modesty this time. What we still don’t know is how Sara wound up in that Lazarus Pit or how it’s going to affect Arrow, because you know she’s gonna turn up just in time to freak everyone out. Meanwhile, here’s the rest of the cast also talking around their plot points, including Franz Drameh ducking the question of whether he’s playing Cyborg:

(Via TVLine)