12.28.10 4 Comments

If you ever wondered what a cake being blown to kingdom come looks like, there’s your answer.  Last night on “Cake Boss,” the contestants were tasked with creating a cake for a special effects company.  The two completed cakes were then wired with explosives, and the loser was blown to delicious smithereens.  BUT WAIT.  It turns out the Cake Boss himself wasn’t even that pleased with the winning cake.  So, after watching the contestants breathe a sigh of relief and begin celebrating, he blew up their cake, too.  Such is your fate when you displease the boss of all cakes.  Although if you ask me, sounds like someone’s gone a little mad with power.  Making your subjects compete in a battle to the death, then also killing the winner for your own amusement?  Sounds like the Cake Boss is morphing into Cakeligulia.  (*ducks tomatoes thrown by crowd*)

Even though I’m a little sad to see something potentially delicious be wasted, I’m firmly behind gratuitous explosions.  I really hope this elimination style starts a trend.  I might even start watching reality TV if they blew things up more.  Especially if those “things” were Spencer Pratt and his stupid face.

Cake explosion after the jump.  Be sure to stick around for the quote around the 0:50 mark.  That guy is delightful.

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