Cameron Crowe’s ‘Roadies’ Gets The Ax After Just One Season

While critics didn’t pan Cameron Crowe’s Showtime series Roadies nearly as much as HBO’s disastrous Vinyl, it still hasn’t mustered enough acclaim or ratings to survive the ax. Hence the Almost Famous writer/director’s announcement Friday that no second season would ever happen. Like many other musically-inclined new programs that premiered this year, Roadies has been canceled.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Crowe broke the news in a blog post titled “The Last Load-Out,” which he published on his website early Friday afternoon. “Though we could tell a thousand more stories,” he wrote, “this run ends with a complete ten-hour tale of music and love. Like a song that slips under your skin, or a lyric that keeps speaking to you, we hope the spell of Roadies lingers. It was life-changing experience for all of us.”

While Roadies‘ cancellation isn’t all that surprising, its occurrence differs slightly from what Showtime CEO David Nevins told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in August:

“I think it’s going according to vision. It obviously hasn’t caught on big and we’re still evaluating its future,” he said, calling the series a departure in tone for his network and remarking that he was proud of its music “warm ensemble” feel.

Crowe concluded his blog post with a short YouTube video of the Roadies cast and crew. “Here’s a little glimpse of the last night of filming,” he said. “This is what every day felt like.”

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)