02.16.10 9 years ago 22 Comments

Christina Hendricks is awesomely on the cover of New York Magazine this week, and I’ve been sitting on this story for over a day because I’ve been searching for some high-resolution photos of her be-lingeried magnificence. Alas, I’ve found none. Anyway, she doesn’t want to talk about her awesomely huge rack or whatever:

“It kind of hurt my feelings at first,” she says. “Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious. I was working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!” […]

As for the body question, she’ll answer it when asked, but mostly it bores her. “It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” she says. “Back when I was modeling, if someone said ‘I’m fasting,’ I would say, ‘Can’t we talk about something else?’”

“Wah, wah, wah, I’m a real person, you guys!” Leave it to beautiful people to complain about being revered for being beautiful. Listen, Chrissy, we all love the way you give Joan sass, but we especially love Joan’s ass. If you wanna talk about something besides your boobs, try wearing a shapeless burlap sack tied around your neck.

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