Netflix May Have Found Their ‘Carmen Sandiego’ And She Comes With Golden Globe Credentials

It appears you gumshoes are being called back into action. (No promises on Rockapella.)

The Tracking Board reports that the lovely Gina Rodriguez, the Golden Globe winning star of Jane the Virgin, will be voicing the stylish master thief at the center of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? for Netflix. For dorks of a certain age, Carmen Sandiego has a special place in our hearts teaching us geography on the library computer and fox exposing us to feelings of hubris and humiliation on the game show. Sadly, original ACME Chief Yvonne Thigpin has passed away, so that’s some the series will have to exist without her agency leadership.

The return of Carmen Sandiego has been teased, discussed and presumably blurted out during a nostalgic coke meeting or two over time. Original broadcaster PBS was exploring the (pre-Gina) idea back in 2013 and two years before that Jennifer Lopez was eyeing getting a Carmen Sandiego movie made. According to Tracking Board, “insiders say that Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of the series, which aims to be as educational as it is entertaining, given the title character’s globetrotting adventures.”

Based on the animated part of the equation, this throwback sounds like it’s more akin to the FOX animated series than its PBS gameshow counterpart. Honestly, we’re good either way. We trust Gina and you should too.

(Via The Tracking Board)