Casa Bonita Scored A (Temporary) Legal Victory After The ‘South Park’ Creators Expressed Security-Related Fears

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are pouring their heart, soul, and money into rebooting Casa Bonita in the Denver, Colorado area. In doing so, their cool dream has turned into a bit of a “nightmare.” Revamping the site and bringing construction up to safety codes have churned up astronomical costs, so it looks like those legendary sopapillas aren’t coming anytime soon. Still, the project’s attracted so much public interest that someone made a public records request. This could have (and most likely) sourced from a news organization, who knows? But Parker and Stone’s company, The Beautiful Opco, LLC, went on the record stating that they don’t feel great about schematics and planning data ending up in the wrong hands.

As such, the new Casa Bonita gods sued to make sure that no one knows about their secret tunnels to the actual South Park. What a terrible joke! In all seriousness, The Beautiful Opco expressed concern for what could happen (a mass shooting) if their construction plans and permit details went public. “This information, in the wrong hands, could be used by a person intent on doing mass harm in a public space,” Casa Bonita’s lawyers argued, and the court agreed, at least temporarily..

Via The Denver Post, Parker and Stone received a 21-day breather to go through their documents and make a more permanent request:

On Monday, Casa Bonita’s ownership company, The Beautiful Opco, LLC, sued the city to prohibit “sensitive” documents from being publicly released under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). A judge ruled Wednesday the company has 21 days to go through the documents and decide what needs to be redacted or what it believes should not be released under CORA, according to a minute order of the hearing.

Certainly, it’s wise of Parker and Stone to be wary of how such an infamous venue (now owned by an infamous duo) could possibly be of too much public interest. Security will likely be at the forefront of their minds, but at least there’s something that doesn’t need to be hidden: as Twitter user Erich Brock revealed, this fresh coat of pink paint looks splendid.

(Via The Denver Post)