Casey Wilson On Playing ‘Trash’ On ‘Hotwives Of Las Vegas,’ And The Chances Of A ‘Happy Endings’ Return

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As Tawny St. John in the first season of the Paul Scheer-produced Hulu series, The Hotwives of Orlando, Happy Endings star Casey Wilson excelled as the constantly quarreling money-hungry trophy wife, but, in season two (which premieres today on Hulu), everything is different. Literally, everything. Gone is St. John, her dysfunctional social circle, and the city of Orlando. In its place, Las Vegas and a host of new characters portrayed by the same company of talented comedic actresses from the last adventure.

This time around, Wilson is playing Jenfer, a character that she described as “just trash” in her conversation with us. She also discussed the creative motives behind the show’s move to the strip for The Hotwives of Las Vegas, the impact of the show’s brief shooting window, and her hopes and prayers for more Happy Endings before time runs out.

What can you tell me about the new locale and your new character on Hotwives of Las Vegas?

We’re in Las Vegas, and it’s the same actresses playing different characters. And it’s kind of like an American Horror Story, or a comedy spoof. We’re so obviously spoofing The Real Housewives, but we’re in the classy, dignified city of Las Vegas. I play Jenfer, J-E-N F-E-R, and I am just trash… is the best way to describe my character. She’s a husky-voiced, drinking and smoking pregnant woman.

Did you use the city of Las Vegas and the strip as a sort of character on the show?

Yeah, the strip is its own character, that’s a good way to put it. We went to Vegas and filmed there, which was really fun and horrifying. We got to film in casinos, and I did what can only be described as a walk of shame up the strip, and I was nine months pregnant when we were shooting and holding a sign that said, “Will flash my boobs for cash.” We really put our hearts and souls into it this year.

Are you pulling primarily from the world of reality TV when you’re constructing these characters?

All the characters are kind of compilations of different Real Housewives, I think. I think I have a dash of Kim Zolciak and these are all very loving, loving portrayals. And some Tamra Barney in me and also some Kenya Moore, and yeah, it’s an homage, but it’s a really loving homage. I love these shows, and so it was really fun to spoof them.