Thank You, Jerry: Celebrate ‘A Very Gergich Christmas’ With Christie Brinkley, Millicent

Here’s what we know about Parks and Recreation‘s Jerry Gergich: that’s not his real name, he loves Comic Sans, and he has a massive penis, which explains how he was able to bag superbabe Christie Brinkley, who’s slowly making her way through the entirety of NBC’s Thursday night lineup. (YOU’RE NEXT, Toby Flenderson.)

He also has three daughters, only one of whom we’ve met. And we’ll never forget her. Oh, dearest Millicent, your name sounds like a forgotten Simon and Garfunkel song and your beauty, as graceful as a Ladysmith Black Mambazo solo that never ends. The “Leningrad” lady and her kin will appear in tomorrow night’s episode of Parks and Rec, the show’s last until mid-January, which NBC has released a clip from. The official Warming Glow response: *pounds table* Aubrey Plaza is a very attractive lady, but she looks like a rotten fruitcake that’s been left behind the radiator for too long compared to the Gergich Trio. For once, Jerry, you done good.

(Via NBC)