The Best Times ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Went Political

11.11.16 1 year ago

Comedy Central

On Saturday, Dave Chappelle will host the first Saturday Night Live, which marks his highly anticipated return to sketch comedy after abruptly pulling the plug on Chappelle’s Show during production on its third season back in 2005. Chappelle is also the show’s first host since the election earlier this week. While many of us have spent the last few days preoccupied with what comes next, we can hope that the comedian’s unapologetic style will give everyone some perspective on what’s to come.

After all, during his show’s two-season run in 2003-20004, he was hailed as one of the most outspoken, subversive, and profoundly insightful comedians of the era. In anticipation of this Saturday’s SNL (and some desperately needed comic relief), here are the best political sketches from Chappelle’s Show.

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