Charlie Sheen Decided To Spend Father’s Day Slamming His Ex-Wives On Twitter

Cannes - Charlie Sheen - Portraits
Getty Image / MJ Kim / RMCC

The Warlock is loose, and he’s broken into his stock image cache for Father’s Day. Charlie Sheen took to Twitter on Sunday to let the masses know exactly how he felt about his ex-wives, but he chose to do it as artistically as possible. Each tweet from Sheen is almost like a bit of poetry, moving from praising Brooke Mueller and saying he adores her to calling Denise Richards a “heretic piglet washed up shame pile.”

Then, he whips out the Apocalypse Now references, calling back to Robert Duvall as Col. Kilgore, leading his war birds into battle against those poised against him. It’s almost poetic in a way.

And then he puts out the rallying cry for father’s rights on Father’s Day. This brings Denise Richards back into play and puts into question the entire motivation behind posting these to Twitter in the first place. Is it truly an attempt to rally the troops? Is he is just back on the tiger blood again? Should we call Emilio?

Oh nevermind, it’s all a bit clearer now. Just some good old Father’s Day venting by a guy who has been down the road for a long while and bought some real estate. He’s still going, so it’s worth it to check back if interested and probably a good idea to see how long these Tweets last before they vanish.

(Via Charlie Sheen)