Charlie Sheen Is Back On HIV Medication After An Alternative Treatment Plan Failed

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Oz on Tuesday (a short preview is embedded above), Charlie Sheen revealed that he had tried to go off his antiretroviral medication in order to seek alternative treatment for his HIV in Mexico. As a result, he once again had detectable levels of HIV in his blood.

According to Gawker, Sheen claims that a “series of injections and bloodwork” from Dr. Samir Chachoua resulted in the actor becoming “HIV-negative” without antiretroviral treatment for a moment. However, without the medication, his previously undetectable levels of HIV weren’t so undetectable.

The man who gave him the alternative treatment, Dr. Chachoua, is not licensed to practice in the United States. TV Guide reports that he also gave an interview to Dr. Oz, and said that Sheen was the first person to be cured of HIV “without antiviral therapy.” Even more astonishing, Dr. Chachoua revealed that he even injected himself with Sheen’s HIV-positive blood to show how effective the treatment would be.

Sheen himself called that incident “mind-blowing” but also said it was “just another Wednesday” in the context of his own life. As a result, Sheen apparently went back on his antiretroviral medications on Dec. 8.

Here’s hoping that Sheen has started feeling better again.

(Via Gawker and TV Guide)

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