Charlie Sheen Wants People To Smear Rotten Eggs And Dog Poop All Over His Daughter's School

Hey, it’s been a little while since we checked in with Anger Management star and all-around swell guy Charlie Sheen. Why don’t we see what he’s been up t-… oh my.

Couple things:

1) I have blocked out the part of his rant where he calls out someone by name, just in case he is referring to the alleged bully. This is because I am not in the business of putting eight- or nine-year-old girls on blast all over the Internet, especially when the only evidence we have of them doing something wrong is Charlie Sheen saying so in the middle of a rant about smearing rotten eggs and dog poop all over an elementary school. Does this make me a better person than Charlie Sheen? I really can’t say. But does. By so much. So, so much.

2) You know that crazy mom at your kid’s school who goes off on Facebook whenever her daughter is slighted by a teacher or a coach or other students or the bus driver or whoever? That’s what Charlie Sheen is doing here, except he has nine million followers. Think about that. He just told nine million people to write someone’s name on the door of a school in dog sh-t because, if I am reading this rant correctly, he told the administrators at the school that his daughter was being bullied and they didn’t believe her story. And he capped it all off by telling this person — again, possibly a child — to “eat that, loser.” (I added the comma, because otherwise it implies that Charlie Sheen literally wants people to, like, eat a person. But I guess we can’t completely rule that out. It is Charlie Sheen.)

Point being, Charlie Sheen seems like a pretty neat and well-adjusted guy.

(Via The Superficial)