Check Out Brandon Routh In His New Heavy-Duty Atom Exosuit

Ray Palmer, as played by former Superman, Brandon Routh, has been kicking around Arrow for a while, but thus far fans haven’t been treated to a glimpse of him in his Atom duds. Well, Routh will finally be going full-Atom in the upcoming February 25th episode of Arrow, as well as in a future episode of The Flash, so at long last, Routh’s superhero duds have been unveiled.

It’s certainly not a subtle look – Routh arguably looks more like Iron Man in the outfit than he does the Atom. At least the costume avoids the, uh, uncomfortable crotch snugness of Routh’s previous supersuit.

Grant Gustin also posted a shot of both the Flash and Atom costumes together on Instagram in anticipation of the upcoming Flash crossover…

What do you think of the costume? It’s solid I’d say, but a little overly chunky. Poor Brandon Routh – just can’t catch a supersuit break.

via IGN