Chelsea Handler Did Not Enjoy Contacting All Of Her Exes For ‘Chelsea Does’

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When it comes to comedian Chelsea Handler, it is safe to say that there is just about no topic that she won’t dive right into, no matter how messy or strange it is. Chelsea Lately on E! was proof enough of that, running for seven years before the plug was pulled and being one of the most off-the-cuff late night shows around. Chelsea Handler is now deeply entrenched in the world of Netflix, though, with an upcoming talk show that will air on Netflix on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays starting in May called simply Chelsea.

But it’s the short run Chelsea Does that has earned her a lot of press and accolades of late. Chelsea Does was a different kind of project, with Handler stepping out from behind the desk and out of her comfort zone. Chelsea Does saw Handler exploring different subjects, having discussions with friends, peers and even ingesting some substances to see what their effects would be. The real weird part for Handler, though? According to this interview with Deadline it was reaching out to her exes to interview them for the show.

“None of them are speaking to me.” She quipped. “I had to go back to the furthest one, from when I was twenty.” In the end, she says the experience “ended up being a beautiful moment in my life and in the documentary.” EP Morgan Neville added “some of the things we shot that were most uncomfortable yielded some of the best material, so in a way that was telling us something.”

Chelsea Does was released on Netflix on January 22 and should tide over Chelsea Handler fans until the launch of Chelsea on May 11th.

(Via Deadline)