Everyone’s Trying To Figure Out What The Hell This ‘Friends’ Extra Is Chewing On

Speaking as a dweeb that had a Friends poster on his bedroom wall as a tween (yes, really), I feel comfortable suggesting that the ’90s NBC smash is short on mystery. Sure, there are (now answered) questions about Ugly Naked Guy and the more juicy mysteries are of the behind the scenes variety, but it appears someone has stumbled across a new enigma quite possibly as big as “Who’s Gonna Drink The Diet Coke?”

On Wednesday, comedian Nick Turner noticed something peculiar going on with one of the background extras in an episode of Friends. The background acting on the program is on par with SNL in quiet weirdness, but this display is on a whole other level.

“And the award for best “Friends” extra goes to woman who sips coffee then chews it,” writes Turner while including visual evidence to showcase the strange scene.

Is she chewing on food? That’d be a reasonable assumption, but it’s hard to find any sign of a pastry or other munchable around. Did Gunther fill her mug with Chex Mix by accident? Hmm… That doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny either. It’s entirely possible that the actress is just going rogue and doing her own thing. Maybe she’s imagining eating the flesh of Ross Geller as he prattles on at Central Perk. DAMN THIS ENTERTAINING MYSTERY! DAMN IT RIGHT TO HELL!

What’s your theory on Ms. Chewing Extra? Weigh in with your airtight theories in the comments and feel free to chew some coffee at home.

(Via Mashable)