Chicago Cops Are Super-Serious, Guys

11.01.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

This is the trailer for Fox’s “The Chicago Code,” a new police drama that will begin in February. Ordinarily, I’d dismiss something like this as another variant of “Police Cops!,” but this is made by Shawn Ryan, who created “The Shield” (which, in turn, helped make FX a breeding ground for quality dramas). So we should probably give it a chance, even through there’s a Hall of Fame hokey TV trailer line at around the 46-second mark:

You think you can change how things get done… IN CHICAGO?!??!

You really need to watch it for the full effect. If Fox runs this promo enough, that line could be the new “YOU’RE RISKING A PATIENT’S LIFE!” And just look at how well “House” has done since then.

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