China Bans ‘Overly Entertaining’ TV

China’s government is upset with the way television is “fueling more independent viewpoints” and has ordered “overly entertaining” shows off the air by next year. Well, at least they’ll still get CBS. From the AP:

The order from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television refers to shows that are vulgar or “overly entertaining.” It singles out programs dealing with marital troubles and matchmaking, talent shows, game shows, variety shows, talk shows and reality programming.

I don’t say this too often, but man: way to go, Chinese Communist Party.

Such shows must be largely phased out by the beginning of next year by the country’s 34 satellite TV stations, to be replaced with news and cultural programming. The order also bans viewership surveys and the use of ratings as the sole criteria for whether to broadcast a particular show…

The crackdown coincides with a bout of national hand-wringing over a lack of public ethics, highlighted by the death last week of a toddler who was struck by a vehicle and left for dead by passersby.

That story doesn’t surprise me in the least. I just hope those “public ethics” make it to Chinatown. “You ever ride public transportation with the Chinese? They’re goddamn animals,” is what a racist person might say.