Chris Geere On ‘You’re The Worst’ And Whether Jimmy And Gretchen Belong Together

Getty Image / FXX

Since its first episode, You’re The Worst has been an endless parade of bad behavior. From casual cruelty to life-altering terrible decisions, Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) have careened around Los Angeles, leaving quite a wake. In season three, Gretchen took strides to deal with her past and the reasons that she has leaned so fully into self-destruction, Jimmy instead retreated even further into his own issues following the death of his estranged father.

While it was clear that their slowly diverging paths would eventually reach a point of no return, fans watched in horror as Jimmy created the perfect proposal for Gretchen before panicking at the mention of becoming a family and leaving her all alone and abandoned on a hillside. While these two terrible people had made huge mistakes before, this one seemed nearly insurmountable.

Despite all of this painful relationship drama. You’re The Worst still manages to be one of the funniest, sharpest comedies on television today. Chris Geere spoke with us about Jimmy’s evolution in the upcoming season and whether or not he and Gretchen should find their way back to each other.

So, it’s safe to say that Jimmy pretty much blew up everything at the end of last season. What did you think when you read that finale?

Pretty much, well, I was laughing all the way through, thinking, “This is going to be great.” Then, just screaming, “No!” Like I wanted to jump in front of him before someone shot him. I was like, “What are you doing?” But, you know, that’s kind of the rule. Every time I read a script, I’m just reading episode 10 now of season four, which we start next week, and again, there’s another opportunity for him to succeed at something and then he does something awful, and you’re like, “No.” But as an actor, playing him, I have to find some sort of reason as to why he’s doing this. It’s usually because he just doesn’t know how to deal with it, emotions. He’s just completely incapable of stepping outside of his own narcissism.

I have full faith that when we get to the end of this show, whenever that is, hopefully season 28, there’ll be some peace. I just want them to find some peace. But, at the moment, they seem to be just wading through this quicksand, trying to get to the edge. People keep sticking the oar out for them to get out of the quicksand, and instead of taking it, they bat it away thinking that they can do it on their own. And they can’t, but they’re slowly realizing that, which is good, which is progress.

We kind of saw Gretchen take steps towards dealing with her issues last season, with her going into therapy. Do you think he’ll potentially follow suit despite claiming that he doesn’t need any therapy of any kind?