Watch Chris Gethard Talk About His New Talk Show Set Built Out Of David Letterman’s Garbage

Former cable access staple Chris Gethard awesomely landed a new show at Fusion, and one thing that comes with a new show is a brand new set. Fortunately for Gethard, just like a starving college graduate in need of anything to sleep on in his new apartment, David Letterman’s show just ended and was throwing out their old stuff.

It seemed it was too good to be true, just being able to take Letterman’s garbage, but it turned out to be easier than you’d think. We covered this a little while back, but Gethard told Seth Meyers about the experience on Late Night.

So, protip: If you’re starting a brand new show, wait until an older, more established show ends first, then save money on a new set! Advice for everyday use!

(via Late Night With Seth Meyers)

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