‘The Walking Dead’ Successfully Hid Another Cast Member’s Pregnancy Last Season

There have been two characters on The Walking Dead, so far, who have been pregnant: Lori, who gave birth to Shane’s daughter, Judith; and Maggie, who is currently pregnant with Glenn’s child on the series. Ironically, there have also now been three actresses on the series who were pregnant while shooting The Walking Dead but whose characters were not pregnant in the series. Back in 2015, Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha, gave birth to a baby boy, and Alanna Masterson — who plays Tara Chambler — was also pregnant. In fact, Masterson’s character exited in the 12th episode of the sixth season and didn’t reappear again until the sixth episode of the seventh season.

The Walking Dead, however, must go on, and the show has been remarkably good at keeping pregnancies quiet. The actresses deserve their privacy, and — as with any job — they ought to be able to continue working as long as they’d like. That means that the series often has to find clever ways to hide pregnancies from the cameras. They found some amusing ways to do so with Sasha and Tara, and little did we know that the series did the same with Christian Serratos’ character, Rosita, during the eighth season.

When Rosita was introduced to The Walking Dead, her character — like her comic counterpart — was well known for wearing midriffs.

That changed, of course, when Rosita was pregnant. She gave birth sometime in late March or early April of this year, which means she was well along at the end of season seven. It would explain why she switched from midriffs to baggy shirts in season seven.

Like Alanna Masterson, she was also a fan of the crouched position.

Like Sonequa Martin-Green when she was pregnant, the producers were also fans of a well-placed gun.

A couple of months into production of season eight, Serratos posted her first photo of the baby on Mother’s Day in May, and then on Father’s Day this past Sunday, Serratos revealed the baby’s gender. She’s a girl.

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What that means is that, like with Masterson after her pregnancy, we probably won’t be seeing too much of Serratos in the opening episodes of season eight (which began production around the time that Serratos gave birth). That probably explains why Rosita was shot in the seventh season finale and seen headed toward the infirmary at the episode’s end. In fact, she might spend quite some time recovering in the eighth season.

Congratulations to Christian Serratos.