Christina Aguilera’s Halloween Costume Is Very Confusing

10.29.12 25 Comments

Here is a picture of The Voice judge Christina Aguilera in her Halloween costume. She is wearing the following things:

  • A frizzy pink wig
  • A crown with a weird fishnet thingy hanging off of it
  • Pearls
  • Enough makeup to suffocate a lesser human
  • A tight black dress
  • An orange bra-type thing
  • Sparkly fishnet stockings
  • Knee-high boots

So, as you can clearly see, she went as a… uh, a… I mean, it’s obvious that she’s dressed as an… um, as the… uh… as the Queen of Halloween, maybe? The Evil Queen of Halloween? A naughty fairy godmother who is also royalty for some reason? The lead singer of an 80s hair metal band called Fright Night? Christina Aguilera from 2007? Someone who went costume shopping at the last minute while drunk? I… I…

I do not know what Christina Aguilera went as for Halloween.

via Buzzfeed

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