Christopher Walken Spent His Entire ‘Daily Show’ Visit Rambling About Wild Animals And The Weather

Editorial Director
06.13.14 2 Comments

Christopher Walken is a national treasure. This is undeniable. So when he shows up for late night interviews — to ostensibly promote his new movie — he’s allowed to spend the first five minutes of a six minute segment rambling about the weather and wild animals in rural Connecticut and we’re all the better for it, especially when Jon Stewart is so enthusiastically facilitating the conversation.

Don’t fret though Jersey Boys fans, we do get one perfect exchange about the new film when Stewart closes the interview by asking Walken if he was ever bullied for being a theater kid in Queens…

Jon Stewart: “Did people hassle you for being involved in theater?”

Christopher Walken:

If you need me I’ll be watching this on a loop.

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