A Robot Created A ‘Cobra Kai’ Story, And Naturally, ‘A Stingray Fights A Hawk’

(Spoilers for The Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai will be found below.)

The fifth season of Cobra Kai only arrived a few weeks ago, and people already want Season 6. Yet since there will obviously be a wait involved before that happens, the Netflix is a Joke Twitter account decided to gift us with a makeshift story, which involves a robot watching the entire show and then regurgitating its impressions, so to speak.

Man, and I thought that a star’s butt-double admission was the strangest thing that I’d see today from The Karate Kid spinoff, but nope. Enjoy this surreal yet surprisingly irresistible rendition of Johnny Lawrence’s karate lust and all of his students moving in unison. The highlight, for me, was when “a Stingray fights a Hawk.”

Hawk is, of course, actually Eli Moskowitz and portrayed by Jacob Bertrand, who would like to see his character team up with John Kreese after he escaped prison. And Stingray’s portrayed by Paul Walter Hauser with plenty of surprising conscience over the show’s most recent few episodes. The robot is correct: they should fight every season.

From there, I’m reminded that Daniel LaRusso doesn’t seem to work anymore because obsessing over the soul of karate is a full-time job. Hey, everyone has their thing. And I could definitely stand to hear Johnny shout, “Send it to the Internet!” but still, this is a nice consolation prize while we wait for more.

Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ is currently streaming the first five seasons on Netflix.