Is ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 Happening, And When Will It Arrive? Here’s What We Know

(Spoilers for The Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai will be found below.)

The fifth season of Cobra Kai (which still has the “Eye of the Tiger”) landed on September 9, and already, eager fans have gobbled up every episode and want more. Season 6 hasn’t formally been announced yet, but surely, Netflix knows (even with their current subscriber woes) that keeping this audience happy is something that they’ll wanna invest in for the future. Yet the streaming service is keeping things close to their sleeves for now on a formal announcement, which probably will come after some consideration. After all, Seasons 4 and 5 shot nearly back-to-back, so firing production back up will require a few more pulled levers than these last two rounds.

Let’s talk about where things stand, though. We recently spoke with Thomas Ian Griffith, who made it pretty clear that Terry Silver’s return was planned out as a two-season arc, and Season 5 ended with his arrest, leaving little possibility that we’ll see him again due to the way that his story ended. Whereas the main springing-off point for a Season 6 appears to be John Kreese (who has more work to do) springing himself from the joint. This actually appears to be the biggest unresolved arc, so it’s no wonder that Jacob Bertrand (who portrays Hawk) recently joked with us about his related Season 6 dream:

“Oh my god. I want there to be a Season 6 so bad. This is my dream, that I somehow am linked up with Kreese, fresh out of prison. We start some illegal ring of some sort, and I go back to the bad side. I’m kidding, but I think it would be so cool if we got a Season 6, and we actually got to go to some crazy world tournament. And actually go to Brazil or something and not like it have it be, ‘Oh we’re in Brazil! But it’s really just a basement studio in Atlanta.'”

There’s also plenty of story to be told on how Johnny Lawrence handles his impending fatherhood, and if he makes up for the sh*t job that he (until recently) did with Robby. In addition, the Kenny character would be worth a followup to see how he handles the fall of Terry Silver, and heck, let’s even here more about Anthony LaRusso, who’s still not a fantastic character but did pitch in to help take down Evil with his tech prowess.

As far as timing goes, if we see Season 6, there’s little way to guess a release date. The show’s been on a pretty tight production ship by releasing two seasons within a year, but getting things rolling again will be more difficult. And not only that, but there are surely growth spurts involved, so all of that will have to be taken into consideration on whether to continue for a full-on ensemble season, but perhaps there are other plans? Ralph Macchio recently expressed hopes for movies to round out this franchise, but whatever happens, hopefully, we’ll find out more news soon.

Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ is currently streaming the first five seasons on Netflix.