Watch President Obama’s Full Interview With Stephen Colbert On ‘The Colbert Report’

Shortly after crashing The Colbert Report to deliver his own version of “The Word,” President Barack Obama settled in with longtime faux-combatant Stephen Colbert for a lengthy chat.

The clip above covers the disappointing mid-terms (“the election didn’t go as I would have liked”), where he goes from here, the stunning recent jobs report and growing economy, and many of the factors revolving around the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Throughout the interview, Colbert’s trademark wit and humor were matched only by the President’s charisma — he snuck in a crowd-pleasing remark at nearly ever turn — and the screams of the young audience. After the break, the duo returned to continue their talk, this time discussing whether or not the POTUS still loves his job, his home life, the nuclear launch codes, and the temptation to push the limits of his office’s power.

The segments above aired on Comedy Central, but there was also some tape cut from the interview that was released exclusively online this morning. Here’s that footage, in which Colbert really cranks up the faux-snark, officially declaring Obama’s emperor status and perfectly melding jokes about immigration, unemployment, and religion.