Colin Jost Couldn’t Stop Roasting Matt Gaetz For His Growing Underage Sex Scandal On ‘SNL Weekend Update’

If you’ve watched Saturday Night Live for any stretch recently, you could have guessed that Weekend Update would make a joke about Matt Gaetz after the week he had. You could have also guessed they would joke about how he sort of looks like Colin Jost. And you would have been right: not only did they make that joke right away, they spent much of the program on Saturday roasting Gaetz for his explosive underage sex scandal.

Jost kept coming back to Gaetz a number of times during Weekend Update, making that a joke in and of itself as the comedian targeted the Florida congressman for his alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl

“Representative Matt Gaetz, who looks like a caricature artist drawing of me, is reportedly under investigation for an alleged sexual relationship with an underage girl,” Jost said. “Because Gaetz believes that only voters should need to show ID.”

Jost seemed to really enjoy roasting Gaetz here, making a point to personally rebut the bizarre denial statement the Florida representative issued late Thursday night.

SNL on YouTube
SNL on YouTube

There are some jokes about Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan, but then Jost goes back to Gaetz, to also make fun of QAnon. He made a really good point about unhinged QAnon believers who have apparently had little interest in a genuine underage sex scandal just because it has come from a Republican in Congress and not, say, Hillary Clinton.

“Here’s the craziest part of this story to me: a sitting US congressman is being accused of child trafficking and the QAnon people are suddenly like ‘Eh, I need more evidence,’” Jost said. “That was your whole thing! Come on, think about it: Matt Gaetz’s girlfriend, she was allegedly 17. The 17th letter is Q. It all adds up!

“What are you waiting for?” Jost asked. “The storm is finally here, and QAnon is like ‘You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

There were even more Gaetz jokes later in the segment, after a few guests showed up to giggle over some raw holiday meat.

And while Trump was only mentioned in passing, it seems as though Weekend Update has found its new muse in Florida.