Comedy Central Renews ‘Key & Peele’

02.14.12 21 Comments

After only two episodes, Comedy Central has decided to renew its well-received new sketch show, “Key & Peele.” From HitFix:

“Key & Peele” premiered last month to strong reviews and 2.1 million viewers, making it Comedy Central’s top series launch since 2009 and making the renewal a no-brainer.

Looking deeper than the 2.1 million total viewers, “Key & Peele” performed particularly strongly among young male viewers, doing a 2.6 rating among men 1834 and a 3.3 rating among men 18-24, topping its time period in both demos for all of television.

I’ll be perfectly honest here: I have yet to see “Key & Peele.” Most of Comedy Central’s attempts at sketch shows since “Chappelle Show” haven’t impressedd me (lookin’ at you, “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time”), so when I saw they were coming out with another one, I kind of just rolled my eyes and went back to watching food shows. HEY, speaking of food shows, did you guys watch “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” last night? Dennis Miller was on the show and he and Guy Fieri were shoving sandwiches into their faces, and — I swear to God I am not making this up — they both called pastrami “‘strami” THE ENTIRE TIME. It was like the show had been scripted by @DadBoner. The whole thing was horrifying. I rewound it and watched it three times.

Wait… where was I? Oh yeah, “Key & Peele.” I suppose I have to start watching this show now. I am an awesome TV blogger.

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