CW’s Epic ‘Hero Evolution’ Trailer Brings Together ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ And ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

Warner Bros. had a huge presence at San Diego Comic-Con. To generate further buzz for their fall TV slate, the CW released the above trailer a day before their scheduled panel in Hall H. While the network successfully binds the connective tissue of each property into one epic trailer, we’re also given some hints at what is to come for the new seasons of Arrow, The Flash, and the highly anticipated new series Legends of Tomorrow.

The trailer succeeds in kinetically superimposing images of each TV superhero with their illustrated comic-book counterpart. This is just one more sign that CW is not shying away from the super nerdy origins of these popular shows, but embracing all the quirks and details with open arms. While we may not have been given a lot of new material to work with, the teaser oozes excitement and begs to be watched more than once.

We only have a few months left until Barry Allen speeds back to the small screen, as The Flash is set to premiere its second season on October 6, 2015. Arrow will follow close behind on October 7th. As for Legends of Tomorrow, CW is planning a midseason premiere sometime in 2016.

(Via The CW)