‘Community’ Currently Has No Showrunner, Might Bring Back Its Best Writer

Over the weekend, Danger brought to your attention news of Dan Harmon’s possible return to Community as an executive producer, a rumor first reported by “Hollywookie dot com,” a non-joke that Big Bang Theory writers are totally pissed they didn’t think of first. Anyway, like the C-3POs they are (i.e. fussy gay robots), Deadline’s hopped on Hollywookie’s back and has an update on Community-Land, where nothing is as it seems. Unless you think everything’s a confusing, bewildering mess, in which case, everything is exactly as it seems.

Both Dan Harmon and former Community writer-producer Chris McKenna have been approached about rejoining the show for its final chapter. Harmon is currently unattached while McKenna is under a deal at NBC sibling Universal TV. McKenna left last May to move to Uni TV. Creator/executive producer Dan Harmon was replaced as showrunner by David Guarascio and Moses Port a couple of weeks later. I hear Guarascio and Port had a one-year deal and were approached about coming back but opted to move on. (Via)

Gone are the ambiguous Guarascio and Port, who never made the show their own; back in, possibly, are Harmon and McKenna, who not only wrote my two favorite episodes of Community (“Paradigms of Human Memory” and “Remedial Chaos Theory”), but also the best episode of American Dad!, “Rapture’s Delight.” That’s actually where Community should go next season, to a post-apocalyptic wasteland where season three never happened and the Anti-Christ (played by the Dean) is locked in an eternal good-versus-evil battle with Jesus (shirtless Jeff, obviously) and his disciples (everyone else). Also, Jesus is a self-loathing drunk. That’s the Harmon touch.

(Via Deadline)