‘Community’ Flash Mob Will Probably Involve Numerous Annie’s Boobs Jokes

In a move that Jeff Winger would surely hate, yet deep down smugly appreciate, while looking good the entire time, a group of “Community” fans are asking fellow Greendale-ites to come to NYC’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree this Thursday, at 1 p.m., to participate in a flash mob.

There’s more: they’re also requesting for everyone to “bring a tiny tree and come sing ‘O Christmas Tree’ with us.” (It’ll probably be changed to “O Christmas Troy” by Thursday.) Sporting a black goatee, like the one Evil Abed wore in “Remedial Chaos Theory,” is optional, though recommended. According to their Craigslist post, “We don’t expect the entire event to take more than a minute or two. We will be filming the event, and we will be networking with NBC and local press to explain the event to them.” Just tell them you’re celebrating you’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of the eighth season of “Friends,” and NBC will be more than accommodating.

My feelings towards flash mobs aren’t dissimilar from how the Study Group views the Greendale Glee Club: they’re often more annoying than cute, and now that old people in a Target have begun to do it (while listening to a Christmas song from “Glee”!), it’s probably time to think of another way to mock protest. But here are five ways how Thursday’s event could potentially be awesome:

1) If Luis Guzmán is there; 2) If there are MULTIPLE Sexy Santa Annie’s; 3) If everyone yells “Pop Pop” at the same time; 4) If everyone does the Britta Dance; or 5) If the entire thing becomes a giant paintball game, with all the “Community” fans mowing down the tourists who came to look at the tree. Should any of those situations happen, I’ll be there taking photos on Thursday, and they’ll all be labeled the next day on Warming Glow as, “I DON’T CARE, I LIVED IN NEW YORK” or “UGH, IT’S LIKE NEW YORK OUT THERE.”