Alison Brie Raps And Joel McHale Takes His Shirt Off In The 'Community' Season-Three Gag Reel

Considering you haven’t torn your eyeballs away from Gillian Jacobs’s adorable dress that she wore to the Community panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, you haven’t yet seen the season-three gag reel. I know it’s difficult, but it can be done. Does the thought of Alison Brie rapping do anything for you? Or maybe Joel McHale taking his shirt off and accidentally hitting an (lucky?) extra in the face? Of course, there’s also Chevy Chase and Donald Glover saying “tits on my ankle” and “look at those tittays,” which is obviously the main draw of the clip.

Well, here it is, and for more on the Community panel, which we were unable to attend because we didn’t get there at 6 p.m. THE NIGHT BEFORE, yo.