Conan Sets A Trap To Bust His Employees Sneakily Eating Cake Without Him

Update: Whoooooops, apparently this video is from 2011 but was just re-uploaded to YouTube last night. Apologies, everyone.

There is no dynamic quite like working in an office, where alliances are formed and loyalties are tested. This is no different even when working in what might be considered a “fun” office environment, such as, say, for a late night talk show, as Conan recently learned the hard way.

Typically, when food or other goodies are delivered to an office, an email chain goes around to let all employees know that there is food in the kitchen or conference room. But as Conan discovered, certain employees of his had created an exclusive, smaller distribution list to give select individuals the heads up, thereby beating the rest of their coworkers to the feast.

So he did the only natural thing and set up an elaborate trap to catch those in the act red-handed with an offer they couldn’t pass up: A fake “congratulations” ice cream cake from E!, along with trays of cookies and fruit.

But as Conan soon discovered, this conspiracy went straight to the top as he found that even Andy and none other than associate producer Jordan Schlansky were involved; the latter of whom had a decidedly Ayn Rand attitude about the whole thing.

In the end, Conan got to have his cake, closing by saying, “Well, anyway, that about wraps up this episode of ‘let’s catch people eating cake.’ What a waste of everyone’s time!”