Conan Forces Dave Franco To Answer For James Franco’s Odd Social Media Lifestyle

Dave Franco is promoting Neighbors, much like Seth Rogen and Zac Efron will be doing on Fallon a little later, and a lot of folks are using that to pressure him to answer questions about his brother, James Franco. Conan is no different and presented a few exceptional weird excerpts from Franco’s social media presence, including this nude selfie:

And then this fine painting of Seth Rogen that’s been circulating online:

Of course there’s more featuring Rogen in even more scandalous positions, but you’ve seen all of those. He’s definitely a little less at rest in the rest of the collection.

For the most part, Dave Franco was pretty spot on with his assessment of the entire thing. It’s pretty tame compared to what probably goes on in that world. The guy who is picking up girls on Instagram, trashing his trysts with Lindsay Lohan, and attempting to defend Shia Labeouf leads the kind of life that doesn’t lend itself to rational questions.

Also, if I can be frank for a moment, I think I would strike the first person who asked why I didn’t pose nude for my brother’s weird paintings. Therapy would only be the first step for me.

(Via Team Coco)