Conan Discovers That Movie Orgies Feature Dedicated Professionals Courtesy Of Jon Bernthal

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01.16.14 3 Comments

There’s been a lot of debate about The Wolf of Wall Street around these parts lately. We’ve found out certain scumbags lied about how much they were being paid for their scumbag story. And we got to know some of the cast members in much better detail. But this Jon Bernthal appearance on Conan reminds us of the one thing we’ve overlooked from this movie: the very professional sex performances.

Now I’m not referring to Jonah Hill fanning his hammer in the middle of a party. Instead we should salute those who were hired from around the country and flew in to film sex scenes in a scummy movie with the utmost professionalism. Those ladies who played the hookers that put their bodies on the line for filming.

In the clip, Bernthal recounts how one such performer drove in from Tennessee for only one scene on an airplane and continued to work through an on the set accident. Quite the heroic showing:

“But when the turbulence hit and we all sort of shifted to the right, one of the plane seats went up in the air and landed on this poor girls foot. And before anyone could tend to her, she just, without missing a beat, she was like, ‘I’ma tell ya right now, you can cut this foot off, but I’m gonna be in this orgy!'”

Bravo, nameless sex lady from Wolf of Wall Street. Your dedication to your craft is commendable and enhanced my enjoyment of the film. I’ll always remember that pack of blue hairs who accidentally bought a ticket to see Wolf on Christmas day and the look on their faces.

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