Conan Hits The Streets Of Harlem To Kick Off His Hilarious Return To New York City

Entertainment Writer

Conan is bringing a week of shows from the Apollo theater in New York City this week and it’s already off to a great start. There’s some fantastic guests, including a wild T.J. Miller from tonight’s show, but there’s also the hint at some fantastic remotes to come. The remotes are something that Conan still does better than anybody in late night and he didn’t waste much time with it. Not long after taking the stage, Coco hit the streets to meet and greet some of the folks around Harlem.

Conan couldn’t seem more out of place with folks, singing ABBA and almost going unrecognized until folks hear his name. Also he plays it up as only he usually can, making it that much better. By the time he’s getting braids at the beauty salon while being eyed by the Muslim lady through the window, you know he’s already broken to the point that he doesn’t care how silly he looks. And he looks really silly with those braids.

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