Conan’s South Korean Adventure Looks Like It Might Be His Best Remote To Date

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About a week ago, Conan announced that he would be traveling to South Korea to meet his fans — Worst Korea for you few folks reading in Best Korea — and filming one of his remote shows during the visit. It’s always fun when Conan goes on location for anything, but this trip seems like it might be aiming to go to new heights. We know this because the host took control of the official Team Coco Instagram account and has been documenting the entire trip.

Sunny Lee, the fan who sparked the idea was at the airport to meet Conan, along with a bunch of other fans. As you can see in this video featuring Clueless Gamer sidekick Aaron Bleyaert, folks were pretty excited for the comedian’s arrival.

Even if Conan wasn’t taking notes at every turn, it seems like the folks in Korea are treating him like royalty. He’s getting plenty of coverage on his own by the Korean people on social media and the Korean news. He even ruffled a few feathers after a scheduled appearance had to be canceled, according to The Korea Times:

The event was supposed to last for about two hours on Monday evening with some 230 Korean fans at the Posco P&S Tower in southern Seoul, but ended after just 30 minutes without a clear explanation. Shortly after his departure from the scene, the U.S. Embassy posted a photo of O’Brien standing with the ambassador.

Fans at the event claim the ambassador’s unexpected appearance might be the main reason for the bungled event. But the U.S. Embassy in Seoul and the event’s organizers denied the allegations, saying his visit was “brief” and the ambassador had nothing to do with the short-lived event.

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