‘Puppy Conan’ With Larry King, Sia, And Donald Trump Is Much Better Than Real ‘Conan’

Once a year, Conan and Andy try something new, something that’s outside their usual absurdist wheelhouse. I guess you could say that they try something a little more pup-ular. Sorry, that pun was ruff, but accurate. Today is the day – Puppy Conan V has gone down on Conan, and two puppy yellow labs have donned the comb-over of Andy Richter and the giant wave of red hair on top of Conan’s head. They are the masters now. And they have quite the lineup of guests that will come and stay on their show like good boys and girls. Yes they are.

Fist “Larry King” came out in his trademark suspenders. He wasn’t very impressed by Sia, who just kind of ignored the hosts and went behind the couch to sniff around. Then presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina came out, but refused to sit with the other guests. Probably because Puppy Conan fetched one of the most impressive guests in late night history – El Chapo (and his tunnel). He couldn’t stay long, but no one was sitting anyway.

Of course, the whole stunning lineup was topped off by “Donald Trump“. An uncanny resemblance if there ever was one. Well done, Puppy Conan V. You did it.

(Via Team Coco)