Coolio Wants To Help You Avoid Future Embarrassment By Teaching Proper Rap Pronunciation

No one wants to let the combination of Alex Trebek (get well soon!) and Coolio down. Who could handle that burden? NO ONE COULD! THAT’S A HERCULEAN FEAT! Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is here to help.

This valuable bit of community service comes into existence thanks to a Jeopardy! contestant who lost $3,000 for referring to Coolio and L.V.’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” as “Gangster’s Paradise” and Trebek isn’t here to let that sh*t slide.

“That’s about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen,” notes the ABC chat show host after showing the visual evidence. “He still won the game, but what happened to Nick is preventable and should never happen to anyone again.”

To curb future game show embarrassments of this nature, Kimmel introduced the Coolio hosted segment “Pronunciation Station” into the world, allowing the “Fantastic Voyage” recording artist to educate white folks on how to get the vernacular right. Can this uptight gaggle of four-eyed pasty dudes be transformed by Coolio’s teachings? Yes, but Coolio needs the patience of a saint to power through the process.

Here’s hoping Coolio popping up on ABC opens the door for another incredibly uncomfortable episode of Celebrity Wife Swap. Bring CWS back to network TV, you cowards!