Corey Stoll Finally Bid Adieu To That Awful Wig On ‘The Strain’

In case you missed Sunday night’s new episode of The Strain because you were too busy throwing sh*t at your television in disgust of the True Detective season two finale, you missed out on (spoilers ahead) Corey Stoll’s character Eph finally parting ways with that dreadful wig that’s been plaguing him since season one. Of course, if you’ve been paying attention, you already knew that this was a long time coming and that Stoll’s wig was never intended to be an aesthetic detail (because, lol no).

In order to go undercover to escape from New York City’s quarantine, and being that he is also still a fugitive for some reason — which I don’t really understand because everything he did turned out to be justified given the very real vampire outbreak — Eph had to shave his head so that no one would recognize him. After an unintentionally funny angst-ridden scene that had him slamming back whiskey as he did the deed, Stoll’s character told his sh*tty kid, “Don’t worry. It’ll grow back.” So, there is pretty much no way that wasn’t an inside joke.

Showrunner Carlton Cuse spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about the de-hairing:

“Maybe nobody believed us but it really was our plan. We knew Eph was going to be a fugitive and he was going to have to get himself out of New York City and disguise himself to do that.”

One thing’s for sure, Corey Stoll himself is probably beyond relieved to not have to field everyone’s questions (ourselves included) about that awful, awful hairpiece anymore.

Relevant on this very important day: