Costa Rica Pulls Out Of Miss Universe 2015 After Donald Trump’s ‘Xenophobic’ Comments

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The beleaguered Donald Trump still seems clueless over his immigration remarks. He recently doubled down while speaking to Don Lemon, who attempted to talk some reason into Trump. The cause is fruitless, for Trump’s not so much a presidential candidate as a spectacle. Watching Trump shoot himself in the hairpiece will make this campaign fun, and the hits keep coming.

Most recently, actress America Ferrara called out Trump in an open letter. She scolded him as an “antiquated bigot” but thanked him for rallying Latino voters. Now a Latin American country throws the hammer down on Trump’s Miss Universe competition. Costa Rica will not participate or televise this year’s Miss Universe, despite a 40-year relationship with the pageant:

Miss Costa Rica organizers announced on Wednesday they would not be sending a representative to the Miss Universe 2015 contest in light of “xenophobic” comments made about Mexicans by the franchise’s owner, Donald Trump.

“For all of those decades the pageant has strived to unite the most diverse countries and cultures, it has carried out important humanitarian campaigns across the world, and it hasn’t marginalized a single contestant based on the color of her skin, her religion or her ideas,” Teletica explained in the statement.

“Because of this, we reject the xenophobic and offensive statements by the owner of the Miss Universe pageant against our Mexican brothers and sisters, and therefore, against all Latin Americans,” the network added.

Teletica does give Trump the option of immediately retracting his comments and apologizing for his “inadmissible statements.” If he does so, they’ll reconsider whether to broadcast Miss Universe and send a representative to the pageant. They’ll also gladly rejoin the festivities if Trump withdraws from pageant participation altogether, which will never happen.

Will other countries follow Costa Rica’s example? Stay tuned.

(via Fox News Latino)