A ‘Spyro The Dragon’ And A ‘Crash Bandicoot’ Series Are Reportedly Headed To Apple TV+

For the past year, rumors about certain fan-favorite gaming icons getting their very own television series have been circulating, and a (since removed) Buzzfeed report has added some serious fuel to the fire. According to the report, both Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot series are currently in the works over at Apple TV+. Both shows are scheduled to hit the streaming service by 2022, with the upcoming Crash Bandicoot series coming as early as this September.

Based on the report, the Crash Bandicoot series — apparently titled The Adventures of Crash Bandicoot — has already been greenlit for two seasons. Each episode of the show will be divided into three segments, similarly to other children’s sketch comedy cartoons such as the recently revived Animaniacs. Peter Hannan and Monique Beatty, known for their work on Nickelodeon shows CatDog and Invader Zim respectively, will serve as the show’s producers. The Adventures of Crash Bandicoot is said to be coming to Apple+ TV this September.

The upcoming Spyro series, Spyro the Dragon’s Guide to Treasure Hunting, is seemingly quite a bit further out and does not yet have any names attached. However, the Buzzfeed report claims that whereas The Adventure of Crash Bandicoot will follow a more traditional cartoon format, Spyro the Dragon’s Guide to Treasure Hunting will be a 30-minute animated series that is “serial in nature.”

This news follows the recent and very successful revival of both of these game series. However, while both these series’ original trilogies were remade for modern consoles, only Crash Bandicoot has a new game — 2020’s Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Only time will tell when a new Spyro entry, and these upcoming shows, will make their way onto our television screens. As of right now, Apple has neither confirmed or denied Buzzfeed’s report.