The Delightful ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Is Back With A New Theme Song

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The Leftovers, Boy Meets World, and Felicity changed their theme songs, mid-series run, for the better. Veronica Mars, Big Love, and Weeds changed theirs for the worst. There’s no right or wrong reason for a TV show to make an opening credits switch-up, but don’t tell that to Louis Armstrong. His ghost is still furious that he was associated with Urkel for only five episodes.

The delightfully musical Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, starring Golden Globe winner Rachel Bloom, returns on Oct. 21 with an all-new theme song, because “our first season was all about denial,” co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna told Vulture. (She describes the new theme as a “really big dance-y dance number.”) Rachel wouldn’t tell Josh the real reason she moved to West Covina — hint: it wasn’t for White Josh — until the season finale after sleeping him.

“She denied she was there for him, she was always saying she was there for the job,” McKenna continued. “That’s what our first theme was about — her pretending that she just loved that place. She really didn’t admit it out loud until the very last second of the first season. So we needed a new song to address our new emotional thesis statement, which is that anything you do for love is justifiable.” With lyrics like, “They say love makes her crazy, so you can’t call her crazy,” they succeeded. Still, I’m going to miss that singing sun.

Be sure to check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend before it’s back.

(Via Vulture)