The Creator Of ‘The Shield’ And The Director Of The ‘Fast & Furious’ Movies Are Making A Pilot For Fox

10.17.13 6 years ago 11 Comments

A little background: Shawn Ryan is the showrunner responsible for The Shield and the short-lived, terrific Terriers. Justin Lin is the director who took over the Fast & Furious franchise after the second installment and turned it into a visually stunning, Tokyo-drifting, international-heist-capering box office behemoth, as well as the man who brought Community‘s “Modern Warfare” episode to life. Hawaii is a beautiful collection of islands in the Pacific Ocean. I went there once and spent a week half-cocked on mai tais.

Hopefully now you understand why I’m so intrigued by this new project, which was just given a put pilot commitment by Fox.

Co-written by Ryan and Davey Holmes (Shameless), with Fast & The Furious‘ Justin Lin directing, the untitled project is set in 1957 in the Territory of Hawaii, which is on a path to become the 50th state in the Union two years later. Statehood and tourism are about to make a few men very rich, and when the brother of a small-time Hawaiian hustler is murdered, he resolves to wage war on the most powerful man on the island. [Deadline]

So, yes. This looks terrific on paper. It could all end up amounting to nothing because television is an unpredictable, temperamental beast, but at this very, very early stage, it has my complete support.

Please consider this your periodic reminder that Terriers was excellent and you can watch it on Netflix.

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