The ‘Daily Show’ Tries To Fact-Check Trump But It Sends Desi Lydic Into A ‘Rage Quit’

10.11.16 1 year ago

It’s easy fact-checking Donald Trump, but it can’t be easy wrapping your head around what you’re fact-checking. The things that come out of his mouth are almost always fabricated, confused and/or dangerous, which probably means fact checkers spend most of their time with their head in their hands, or quietly eating soup while wrapped in a blanket. Our hearts go out to them.

The Daily Show is the latest outlet to feel the pain of a Trump fact-check, and it has sent Desi Lydic over the edge. She’s done with Trump. She can’t take it anymore. Like a 13-year-old playing Halo with a wonky thumbstick, she rage quits.

This latest debate has ruined her.

You can see Lydic’s sad descent into madness under a soundtrack of buzzers which echo throughout Trump’s debate performance, as well as the Comedy Central studio, and Lydic’s soul. Where can we go from here? What’s next? Lydic put it best when she said, “it’s not even that he lies, it’s like he rejects the concept that language has anything to do with describing reality.”

With a few more debates scheduled and just under a month until the election, we can expect more rage quits to come. It’s time to turn America on and off again.

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