Samantha Bee Weighs In On Debate 2, ‘The Night We Gave Up’

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Full Frontal With Samantha Bee has been on fire with their election commentary this season, and this Monday’s episode was no different. Aftrr Sunday night’s debate, Bee had more than enough frustration to work through after that poor showing. Following Trump’s usage of Bill Clinton’s accusers as a human shield, she threw up her hands and said what many Democrats have thought for a while:

“Godd*mmit, Bill Clinton! Why can’t we lock him and Trump in a closet to grope each other to death? As disgusting as Bill is, none of this is Hillary’s fault and none of it erases what Donald did.”

Following her hilarious skewering of Donald Trump’s leaked video, Bee also weighed in on Donald Trump’s deplorable remarks with a truly no-nonsense burn: “You weren’t in a locker room, you sleazy pair of sweat socks. You were at work.” As much as Trump is an HR nightmare (or “crotch fondling slab of rancid meatloaf”), Bee also focused on his blustering debate tactics, which was defined by “stalking her around the stage like he’s Leatherface” and “out-gassing a noxious word cloud of aggression and disjointed nonsense he could on Reddit.”

Without Jon Stewart on this election cycle, many wondered if there would be a void left without his righteous anger. However, even though Trevor Noah may be the one behind the desk of The Daily Show, Bee is the one who really picked up where Stewart left off. We’re all counting down the days until the end of this election cycle, but at least we have Bee to burn through all the bullsh*t.

(Via Full Frontal‘s Facebook)

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