‘The Daily Show’ Enlisted A Former F.B.I. Hostage Negotiator To Help Free The Government From The GOP

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10.09.13 36 Comments

Jason Jones tried to talk with Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour about the government shutdown for a segment on The Daily Show. It didn’t go so well. They briefly discussed why her party refuses to backdown on the Supreme Court-approved law that is Obamacare (never forget: “The Supreme Court deemed it constitutional, but it had to go to the Supreme Court to do so.”) before Jones hilariously flipped out and gave up.

Taking a cue from the talking heads and politicians who keep referring to the shutdown as a hostage situation, Jones seeks the help of a former F.B.I. hostage negotiator. Eventually, armed with new insights and tactics learned from a true expert (and with that expert feeding him encouragement through an earpiece), Jones tries talking to Nikpour again. Will it make a difference? (*stifles laughter*)

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