Dan Harmon Is Officially Returning To ‘Community’

See update below.

The TL;DR biography of Dan Harmon’s life: big guy, good beard, beloved by the Internet, successful podcast host, Community and Rick & Morty creator, Monster House writer, Arrested Development guest star, fan of cats, THE END. Oh, and after what he did yesterday on Twitter, add master troll to that list. We’ve been keeping you apprised of Harmon’s possible return to Community as an executive producer or writer for season five, and although there’s been no official word, Harmon decided to fan the rumor fires with a massive fart in the form of multiple tweets.




The hell? Well, the tweet before those put to rest a lot of questions.


“DOCTOR DOCTOR, you must perform the life-saving surgery now.” “Meh, I’ll do it another time #drunk.”

UPDATE: it’s really happening.

Pop, pop! Dan Harmon is officially making his way back to Greendale.

“Yes yes yes! I’m back I’m back I’m back!” he shared with a fan begging for “a straight answer” to the comeback rumors, joking: “You can thank Joel McHale.” (Via)

(Via Twitter)