The One Piece Of Information That Could Change The Entire Course Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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09.10.17 7 Comments

There’s little more annoying than a plot that can disintegrate with a single cell phone call. There are countless horror movies and romantic comedies like this. In fact, all of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code movies could have been solved if someone just picked up the phone and had a conversation about what was going on before proceeding.

In this week’s two-part third midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, there was a moment that felt like the equivalent of the missing phone-call. There was one piece of information that was inexplicably withheld that perhaps could have changed the entire trajectory of the back half of the season.

First, some context: Showrunner Dave Erickson has suggested that much of season 3B will revolve around the lack of water on the Broke Jaw Ranch. There’s only enough to get the inhabitants on the ranch through another six weeks or so, and the lack of resources has hastened the war between the two sides on the ranch. “All roads are going to lead to water. Ultimately the damn is going to become that much more important as we move towards the end of the season,” Erickson told SyFy Wire.

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