Danny DeVito Fans Are Celebrating His 78th Birthday By Recalling Some Of His Best Quotes And Moments

There is a very small handful of celebrities that are universally loved and cared for on social media. Actual Angel Keanu Reeves is one good example, while Daniel Craig also gets his fair share of praise. And who doesn’t love a good Bob Odenkirk tweet every once in a while?

Of course, there is one actor so iconic, so meme-worthy that every time there is a moment to celebrate him, we have to do it. And that actor is Danny DeVito. Who would have thought that the really mean dad from Matilda who gave you nightmares would actually turn out to be a nice dude?

Everyone has been taking the time to share their best Devito memories. We all have one! For example, my alma mater famously created an eclectic Danny Devito shrine in one of the public bathrooms, to which Devito gave his seal of approval. Then he got mad at the mess and told everyone to clean it up. An eco-conscious icon! To celebrate his 78th birthday, here are some more gems:

Devito is just a lone person with a dream: to make people laugh and eat eggs. It’s a life so many wish to lead, but none are truly capable of. Besides him.