Watch The First Trailer For Netflix’s Highly-Anticipated ‘Daredevil’

As promised yesterday, the first trailer for Daredevil has arrived, and it’s full of fun stuff. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been told about it, and what we’ve gleaned.

IGN sat down with showrunner Steven S. DeKnight and broke out a few things. First off, the entire trailer is pretty heavy on Murdock’s religion, as every scrap of dialogue from the trailer is his confession before he goes out and kicks some ass. DeKnight notes:

Matt Murdock is, I think, one of the most if not the most religious characters in the Marvel Universe, with the heroes. His Catholicism is so much part of his being and part of his conflict, I think it would be incredibly disingenuous to attempt to do the show where that’s not a big part of it.

DeKnight also notes that the costume in the series is a deliberate choice and that it will be “evolving.” This is in paralell to the Kingpin, who we only see from behind but who grows into his role as the absolute ruler of the New York mob over the course of the series. Oddly, though, we only get the one shot of him; apparently he’ll come into focus as the series goes on.

Also notable, we see Karen, who isn’t looking good, and Foggy, who needs a haircut. Just as interesting, they’re both sharing the same scene. We also get a brief look at Stick, a mentor of the Man Without Fear.

Largely missing, right now, is his trademark billy club, but we do see Daredevil beating up dudes with sticks, so it might be on the way. Overall, it’s what we were promised: A gritty, action-packed, street-level superhero. We can’t wait for April 10th.